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Chawk's Ad

Actively seeking lower expectations

Cute, funny, smart, sexy, handsome, very sexy, modest SWM seeking complimentary companion for fooling around with, maybe more.

Should enjoy long walks in the dark.
Because I don't have a car.

Should be very free with her body.
And also her wallet.

Should have openminded outlook on male beauty.
Blind a plus!

Should not be related to me. (Second cousin's okay!)

I DON'T LIKE MEAN GIRLS!!! If there are any sweet girls left after the feminist movement, call me!

Should not put emphasis on commitment.
(Terminal illnesses a plus!)

Not interested in one night stands. At least have the decency to lay down.

No, I'm not Jewish. But I can fake it if you think it's sexy, or if you have a rabbi for a dad or something.

I DON'T LIKE BUTTERFLY KISSES! Jackie knows what I'm talking about.

I am very accepting. You don't have to be the most beautiful woman in the world to date me. I'll take anyone in the top 40.

I AM NOT GAY!! I have little or no interest in sleeping with men. I stumbled upon that site by accident. So stop calling me, guys!!

I'm interested in romance, but not neccessarily with the person I'm dating.

By the way, yes, I am open to polygamy.

Do you have a sister? Just asking.

Applicants should supply a resume including past experience, 2-3 former boyfriends as references, and information (such as birthday, eye color, etc.) that you will not get mad if and when I forget. Should be willing to sign a medical waiver, and agree to, in her absence, hook me up with one of her friends.

Should not mind being referred to as "Applicant".

I'm just looking for the best things in life.

Because the best things in life are free.

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Chawk's Availability Chart
7/3/01 - Available
7/8/01 - Still Available
7/13/01 - Very Available
7/18/01 - REALLY, REALLY Available
7/24/01 - Borderline gay

Brendon's Ad

Brendon looking for person. Female a plus!

Cute SWM looking for cute uninhibited SWF with alienated father and leniant mother to stay out for hours on end and come home unquestioned at any hour of the night in any condition--

Young stud looking for chick to blind date, so if I screw something up, or if you're not a chick, we'll never have seen eachother in the first place.

Totally Sexy Stud looking for a Cute Girl to spend time with, maybe share secrets, conform to the girl's ideal relationship. (Just Kidding!)

Looking for Female Half-Elf Fighter-Theif, at least level 20, with strength of eight, and great body sketch.

Looking for Female cat, preferably black and white, need to breed sometime soon. Preferably one in heat.

Not for me perverts, for my Cat.

Looking for girl that will inspire me to write songs and learn to play guitar and become famous. A girl who would break my heart, and then come crawling back to me after my experience with stardom. One hit wonders accepted.

Looking for SWFWLFL&NFHS. If don't know what that means, give me a call. Ladies especially.

Looking for lady who is looking for me.

For the girls who want a buff, sexy, extremely "gifted" male, look somewhere else. For the girls who want to comprimise their standards, send me an email.

If you need a guy, then I'm the guy for you, because I'm a guy. Right?

When in doubt, ask. Ask me out while your here.

Looking for girl with active medical knowledge to take care of me. Even while I'm faking it just to get attention. Must be able to kiss a "boo-boo" without repulsive look.

Looking for girl who I can come up with cute pet-names for me, and vice versa, without seeming really stupid and sappy when around my friends.

Looking for girl who looks good in swimsuit to fawn over my hot bod at the pool. And brag in locker rooms.

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